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New recipes weekly! Spice up some of your Japanese favorites with items available right on Bokksu Grocery.

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Asian plums, or Chinese plums, are a stone fruit ranging in size, shape, color, texture, and flavor. Due to its uniqueness, it is a favorite in culinary arts!

Satisfy your chip cravings with our list of the top spicy chips Bokksu Grocery offers, from chips with heat to a fiery pop of flavor that dissipates quickly.
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We’re diving into the best Korean snacks that you can find in Korea and on Bokksu Grocery's website. These snacks are so good; you'll want to order them all! Read more at Bokksu Grocery!

Calamansi is a citrus fruit that’s often used in Filipino food. This citrus fruit is considered a Philippine lime and packs a big punch of flavor. One mention of this fruit, and you know you’re in for a great meal! Read more at Bokksu Grocery!
Imagine you're enjoying a delicious bowl of rice with chicken. Or, perhaps, you've prepared a tasty bowl of ramen soup. Something's missing; could it be Lao Gan Ma Chili Crisp? This yummy spicy condiment is the perfect addition to any Asian-inspired dish. It adds the perfect amount of heat with each spoonful you add. Find chili crisp, chili oil, and all your Asian grocery staples at Bokksu Grocery! Bokksu makes it easy to order groceries online for convenient delivery right to your door. Whether you’re looking for Chinese grocery items, Japanese, or Korean options, Bokksu has it all!

Sink your teeth into this breakfast delicacy from Nagoya, Japan!  Ogura Toast is a thick-cut (atsugiri) style toast that is topped with sweet red beans and butter.  Start your day with an alluring blend of fluffy shokupan bread, smothered in ogura an (mashed sweetened red beans that have more definition than tsubu an) and topped with a perfect piece of butter and homemade matcha whipped cream. Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

Doubanjiang, also known as Chinese chili bean paste or toban djan, is a delicious condiment with many uses. This paste has been in use since 1666. Some refer to Doubanjiang as the "soul of Sichuan cooking." Not sure what you can do with Doubanjiang or what it is? Read more at Bokksu Grocery!

Is there anything better than eating a dish with your favorite sauce on top? What about finding a new sauce that adds a yummy flavor to your recipes? Here’s a list of the best Chinese sauces on Bokksu Grocery right now that you’ll want to add to everything. Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

If you think you've had the best mayo already but haven't tried Kewpie mayo yet, you're missing out! This delicious Japanese mayo is richer, creamier, and oh-so-tasty. Its versatility in recipes makes it stand out above all other mayo options. So, what exactly is this delicious condiment, and what makes it so special? Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 
Kitsune Udon is a simple meal to prepare that really showcases the individual flavors and textures that each ingredient brings to the table.  It is composed of pleasantly chewy udon noodles (soft, thick noodles made from wheat flour), dashi soup stock flavored with a mix of soy sauce and mirin, and inari age.  Read more at Bokksu Grocery! 

Pocky and Pejoy are two delicious beloved Japanese snacks that satisfy sweet cravings. It's easy to confuse these snacks as they're both created and sold by the same company (Glico). While these snacks may appear similar and taste nearly identical (you can purchase them in packs of sugary snack sticks), they each provide a separate appeal. Read more at Bokksu Grocery for information on how to tell them apart – plus some delicious food pairings! 

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Pocky is one of the most notable Japanese snacks, easily recognizable by its signature red box in countries all across the world. Not only is it an iconic Japanese snack, but Pocky is also fun to eat and comes in many different colors and flavors! Here are a few fun facts that you might not know about Pocky!
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